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President, Treasurer, and Director

I began feeling an insatiable interest in electronics at age six, and began disassembling transistor radios and other electronics, but didn't manage to put any back together till I was about thirteen. This is when I began constructing an HO scale model railroad, which I automated with parts from the local salvage yard, making heavy use of telephone switching relays as SR flip flops, a circuit so rare that I believed I had invented it at the time, but found out many years later that it had been done before.

While preparing for a career in Electrical Engineering at Montana State University, I was required to take some computer programming courses and found I was a natural, mastering BASIC and FORTRAN in a couple weeks. So I moved on to dozens of other computer languages including numerous assembly languages, and discovered how to see how circuits would perform before building them using circuit simulation languages.

I continued designing and building computer circuits and began writing my own operating systems, assemblers, interpreters,
compilers, while performing top secret duties as a cryptographic technician for the US Army Signal Corp on four continents, and was regularly called upon to do the impossible where others had failed.

After the military, I returned to my home town where I chanced across a job with state government where I encountered more machines of every size, quickly mastering them, and modifying them when I could get away with it. I advanced very rapidly, overtaking former superiors who had more credentials and degrees than me, but discovered that the higher up the ladder I climbed, the closer I came to the political officials at the top. When I got to the point where I was interacting with politicians almost daily who regularly demanded that I help push their partisan agenda, I resigned and joined the private sector.

While working for a small software development firm, I continued to encounter new machines and languages, and wrote dozens if not hundreds of systems for an ever-increasing array of customers, including a program that managed 2.2 billion dollars for a large investment pool. Whenever possible, I incorporated electronics and assembly language programming into my projects, but that became less and less frequent.

After leading the development of a widely-distributed, nationally-recognized software product and not getting a fair share of the proceeds, I decided to become my own boss, and have been on my own ever since. After building a modest following of loyal clients across several states, my wife and I left Montana to escape the cold weather, and moved to
Las Vegas where we now enjoy ourselves immensely. My duties here include acting as Technical Director and Webmaster for the Las Vegas PC Users Group, and I am still a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and I regulary participate in the local dot NET and SQL Server users group meetings as well.

Larry D Burgher

Vice President, Secretary, and Director

While still a young girl in Great Falls, MT, I got my first job working on a horse ranch cleaning out corrals and stalls, and used the proceeds to take riding lessons. Eventually, after shoveling enough of someone else's horse poop, I saved up enough money to buy my own horse, and graduated to shoveling my own horse poop. I wondered how I could get someone else to do it for
me, and I figured out that people who own their own business get to delegate such chores. That's when I knew then that I had to go into business for myself when I grew up. I started out in Omoksee, and as my riding skills improved, I began particpating in English jumping, Western, and Equitation Class horse shows. Then it was on to rodeos, where I encountered fierce competition that hardened me, making me ready for the real world of business.

Shortly after my 18th birthday, I began realizing my dream when I started a cleaning firm as my first business. I relocated to Conrad, MT where I opened an antique business, but at 21, found myself back in Great Falls as the owner of a motorcycle shop and John Deere dealership dealing in tractors, snowmobiles and Kawasaki motorcycles. I became involved in the community, joined the Jaycees, and chaired the local Junior Miss Pageant. I began investing and flipping houses in several cities, which should have been a clue that I would become a Realtor someday.

After finally settling in Helena where I met my current husband, I operated a spa offering bio- therapeutic facelifts, body wraps,
and a staff masseuse. This made it possible for me to relive my childhood in style when I bought a pair of pure-bred Eygyptian Arabian hayburners to decorate the back yard.. I joined the Eagles Lodge Women's Auxiliary, where I chaired the yearly fashion show and fund raiser for the Veterans Administration Hospital. I served for several years as Vice President for the Business and Professional Women organization in MT, and acted as the membership director for the Montana Association of Business Women.

We moved to Las Vegas to escape the cold Montana winters, but since Las Vegas has twice the population of the entire state of Montana, it took me almost a year to learn my way around the big city. After trying out some sales jobs in Vegas, I realized that I needed to become my own boss again, so I acquired my real estate license and became a member of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, Nevada Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, and the Las Vegas Highrise & Condominium Association. I think it's funny that I became a Las Vegas high-rise expert, having come from Helena, Montana, where the tallest building was only six stories. But when the recession hit, causing most high-rise projects to be cancelled or to go bankrupt, I now sell more luxury and regular homes than high-rises.

Donna M Burgher

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