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Essential Microsoft Downloads

Programmer Resources

  • Complete Windows API Reference from AllAPI

URL Shorteners

Tools for Webmasters

  • Create icons and marquees for your web pages from regular images with FavIcon from Pics
  • Become a more profitable affiliate marketer with Pop Shops
  • Improve your site's visibility with Google Webmaster Tools
  • Gain insite into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness with Google Analytics
  • Make it easy for visitors to share your content their favorite social networking sites with AddThis
  • Identify the weak points in your web site with WebPagetest
  • List of links to tons of free stock photo web sites by Cranial Soup

Essential Utilities (Free unless otherwise noted)

Things that install and run all the time

Things you run only when you need them


  • ProcessTamer by Mouser at DonationCoder.com - Keep your system responsive even a badly behaved program is stealing all the CPU time. Reigns in ill-behaved and hoggish programs like anti-virus scans, back ups, or malware.
  • WizMouse by Antibody Software - Makes your mouse wheel control the window under the mouse, not the window that has focus.
  • Search Everything by voidtools - Fastest file name search utility. Uses very little machine resources, indexes millions of files in only seconds and finds them as you time the name.
  • AutoHotkey - Program you keyboard or mouse to do practically anthing.
  • AltDesk by AstonShell - Virtual Desktop Manager helps keep your taskbar buttons uncluttered by allowing you to move them to any number of alternate (virtual) desktops


  • SIW (System Information fo rWindows)



Quick Tips

Use your Windows 7 media to install any version
When you buy a particular version of Windows 7, such as Ultimate, either on a DVD or as a download, that's the only version you can install using that media. Duh, of course, that's what you bought , why would it install anything else?
  But did you know that the media actually contains all the versions of Windows 7, including Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate?
  To unlock the other versions, you need to
burn a new DVD, either from an existing DVD or an ISO image, but before doing so, delete the ei.cfg file. When you boot from the new DVD, it will allow you to choose which version you want to install. Of course, you'll still need to type in an appropriate product code for the selected version.

Permit disallowed processes to run in Safe Mode
  One of the reasons that Safe Mode is so safe, is that most processes aren't allowed to run. But suppose you need one of the disallowed programs to run. You wouldn't be in Safe Mode unless there's some problem in "Normal Mode". So as long as you're sure the program you want to run isn't the one causing the problem, you can add it to the "Safe List" so Windows will allow it ro run.
  The "Safe List" is found in the registry, so you need to add new registry keys with the names of the programs you want to allow. The following sample adds LogMeIn and RealVNC to the "Safe Boot with Network Support" to enable remote access. To add a process to the other "Safe Boot" choice, the one
without network support, change "Network" to "Minimal". Note, however, that processes such as LogMeIn and RealVNC shown in the example make no sense without network support. Remember to change the version number to match your version of Windows.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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